We put a strong focus on giving you actionable, interesting data. Other services calculate imaginary karma numbers and we find this is not very helpful. Here is a list of things you can track, when using FRUJI. Note: Some of these features are only available with our premium or pro memberships.
  • Who are my most popular (most followed) followers?
  • If all my followers would retweet me, how many people can I reach globally?
  • Which of these followers are just spam accounts (i.e. lots of followers, but also follow an unrealistic amount of of people)
  • Are any VIPs (verified accounts) following me?
  • What timezones are most of my followers in?
  • What languages do my followers speak primarily?
  • Did anyone unfollow me since yesterday, last week or this month? Who?
  • Who are my new followers?
... and a lot more. We are updating the site almost daily and keep releasing new features every other week.

We would love to hear your ideas and have integrated a lot of what our loyal users have recommended already. Use the chat box on the bottom right of any page to get in contact.