How does it work?

FRUJI is a pretty simple yet powerful product. We analyze your followers and compile all the data into a couple of simple reports. Find out if any VIP (verified) accounts are following you, who your most popular followers are and much, much more.

We do not tamper with your account in any way and only require read privileges (which you can always remove at any time through your Twitter account). A lot of services might ask for write permission or more, we recommend to avoid using these products.

Compared to a lot of other services out there, we are working hard to ensure that we're staying within all policy limitations governed by Twitter. This means, sometimes our tools need a little more time to crawl through your data sets because we are limited by Twitter's servers to a certain maximum speed here. Other services might disregard these limitations and find themselves blocked by Twitter sooner or later. This is what we are avoiding at all cost.